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The Bright Lord DLC Review

With the release of The Bright Lord on February 24, it would seem that Warner Bros. has finally finished the run of post-release content for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.  This DLC story takes players back to when ring-forging elf Celebrimbor was still alive and follows him as he completes ten missions on the way to a final confrontation with Sauron.  And that final battle is, undeniably, the highlight of this add-on.  The build-up to this confrontation, though, is a bit underwhelming.

Celebrimbor takes aim.
This time around, you play as legendary elf Celebrimbor.

After a pretty enjoyable DLC story in Lord of the Hunt – which had you palling around with the wisecracking dwarf Torvin, stealth-killing uruks with the new caragath, and steering a massive projectile-vomiting graug through packs of enemies – the Bright Lord adventure seems a bit stripped down.  Other than some voiceover conversations with Galadriel and Sauron, there are no other characters to interact with besides the orcs you slay.  The missions present you with the typical challenges to blank this many blanks, either in blank minutes or without being blanked.  (There are also some more fetch quests that reward you with a bit of lore.)  The missions are each unique in some small way, and provide ample challenge, but it’s basically more of the same.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; Shadow of Mordor is a great game, and its basic mechanics and mission templates are a lot of fun to play over and over.  Having a new set of missions built on the same framework with just some minor tweaks is a welcome addition.  On the other hand, the base game continues to repopulate its world with captains and war chiefs even after you’ve finished it, so if you just want to just keep fighting uruks, you can do that ad infinitum without spending a nickel on DLC.

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