Ton Ten Ways a Sekiro Easy Mode Would Ruin the Game for You

FromSoftware has another hit on their hands with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and, as is often the case with From games, a lot of the public discourse centers on its difficulty.  Specifically, in this case, the lack of an easy mode or other difficulty modifiers.  On the one hand, adding a lower difficulty option would make the game accessible to a lot more gamers, including those with various disabilities or conditions that exacerbate the game’s notorious challenge.  On the other hand, From’s games are designed to be difficult and making them easier, many argue, would ruin the experience; gamers who can’t hack it should either “git gud” or get lost.

So which is it?  What would happen if From added some lower difficulty options to their latest game?  If you’re a big FromSoftware fan who loves biting into their games’ meaty challenges, how would your personal experience be affected by the inclusion of an easier mode?  Let’s take a look.  Here are the top ten ways the addition of an easy mode would ruin Sekiro for you:

10.)  It wouldn’t.

9.)  Not at all.

8.)  Not even a little bit.

7.)  Just play the game on normal.

6.)  You never have to touch the easy mode.

5.)  It’s for other people.

4.)  What do you care what other people are doing?

3.)  It literally has no effect on your experience.

2.)  Like, you don’t know who they are, where they are, when they’re playing, if they’re playing, how they’re playing, or anything else.

1.)  Just play your game the way you want and enjoy it.



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